Under the #SEEHER umbrella our programming will spotlight incredible women of all ages and backgrounds who are making long-lasting impacts on the world. #SEEHER is an initiative driven by the ANA whose mission is accurate representation of women and girls in media. Meredith is the first publisher to undergo GEM™ certification (Gender Equality Measurement).

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  • #SEEHER Badass Women 2.0

    InStyle returns with Season 2 of the popular series spotlighting trailblazing females who are breaking through gender norms, and who have committed their lives to making a change in their professions and the world. They show up, speak up and get stuff done.

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  • #SEEHER Goal Crushers

    A new episodic series that will showcase the path of various women who have chosen to pursue an enormous goal. Join SHAPE as they follow a female dynamo through her journey of achieving a goal – from the good to the bad, from the unbelievable to the incredible.

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  • #SEEHER Story

    Leading up to the 100-year anniversary of women’s suffrage, this weekly series will highlight a women in history you may not have heard of but helped change the world we live in today.

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  • Meredith: The Food Authority

    From everyday family dining and holiday entertaining, to diet goals, celebrity foodies and culinary bucket lists, Meredith is the food authority.

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  • The Future of Food

    Eating Well shines a spotlight on the new scientific, technological, agricultural and business developments that are changing food all around the world.

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  • People TV: Red Carpet, Royals and Reality TV

    This year PEOPLE will triple their coverage of live red carpet events, adding more award shows and movie premieres than ever before. The Royals Report, a new weekly recap of the latest Royal family news, will debut along with Reality Check, a daily dose of the news, recaps and predictions from everyone’s favorite reality shows.

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  • Meredith + IGTV

    Anchored in our brands across categories - Food, Beauty, Travel, Lifestyle, Parenting and more - Meredith is excited to announce over 20 shows live or in production and optimized specifically for vertical viewing on IGTV.

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  • The Foundry

    The Foundry creates brand stories crafted through the perspective of Meredith's iconic brands.

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